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Navigation GPS units are small, portable devices that can give you accurate and specific directions, even in areas without cell service. They are superior to smartphone apps, as they don’t use data or tax your smartphone’s battery. Whether you need simple directions to a job interview or step-by-step navigation on your road trip across the country, the best GPS devices help you get there efficiently – and they come with a handful of additional features that can make driving more enjoyable..

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Roof Cargo

Why limit your storage to the inside of your car when you can throw stuff on the top or attach it to the rear? Vehicles were meant to be modular, so do not let the physical size of your vehicle limit its' storage capabilities. We provide Cargo Boxes that can fit anything from beach chairs to boogie boards, suitcases to duffel bags... you name it, we can store it. Cargo Boxes come in various sizes and finishes, and are lockable so you can feel secure leaving them unattended. 

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Tow Bars

You have just purchased a boat or you need to tow an additional item behind you car? We Can hell you find the right tow bar for your Vehicle. We also have tow bar attachment Like, Dog carriers, Bicycle carriers, Motorbike cariers and much more. A selection of wiring harnesses specified for any type of vehicle s are also available.

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Dash Cams

At Falcar we offer the best dashboard cameras that produce high-quality footage to prove what happened after a crash, have a raft of useful features, and are easy to use. Having one installed could help prove what happened or protect you from false claims in the case of a crash.

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