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Nothing degrades a car's interior more quickly than a cracked dashboard. Although often appearing as a barely notieable hairline, it inevitably lengthens and widens if not addressed promptly. There are various ways to treat minor dashboard cracks, but the most effective treatment of all is prevention.

Our dashmats are tailor made here in Malta from a quality and durable material to fit the dashboard of your specific car exactly. They allow for all airvents to work normally and for airbag activation where required.  Please click the link below to find the dashmat for your car.

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Sun Shades

Protect Your Self and your Children’s Skin From Harmful UV

If you are driving your kids around for hours on end, or even if you’re just going out to the shop and need to take your youngest along with you, sun protection should always be a key concern for you as a parent. Children’s skin is more sensitive than an adult’s, and so they can get sunburn far more easily than you can – you could use sunscreen, but that means that you would be using these products on their skin every time you need to go out with them. A far more cost effective routeis to go with a longer term solution like one of these car sun shades for kids. And if you don’t have children, you might want to consider that this also applies to pets too! You can cool down your car and make sure that your beloved little Terrier stays comfortable and safe from the sun. See ourpicks for the bestcar sun shades for kidsbelow:

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Seat Cushions

Keep Comfortable from this heat

Bamboo fiber has a small unit size, toughness and strong wear resistance, Good Drape and moisture permeability, cool in summer and warm in winter, etc advantages. Industry experts said the bamboo fiber is the "breathing" of the fiber, also called "Fiber Queen". The hygroscopic, releasing moisture, permeability of bamboo fiber is occupies the first place among all textile fibers. Its antibacterial rate as high as 94.5%. Eco-friendly, anti-ultraviolet 1. Dry and comfortable: Be able to fast absorb sweat and moisture function 2. Smooth and Soft. The structure of the fiber can provide the fabric has a soft fabric, the fabric smooth to reduce skin irritation

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Car Cover

If you are the type of person who likes cars and makes every attempt to take care of your car then consider getting a car cover.

Bogart Softline indoor covers provide ideal protection for carport or garage use.

• Highly dust-resistant;

• snug fit that follows the contours of your vehicle;

• high-quality, lightweight materials that are soft to the touch and protect the vehicle’s mechanical components and paintwork.

Bogart Soft Line Puff keeps dust and dirt off your car and prevents moisture build-up. Puff is a soft and light spunbonded, non-woven fabric that won’t scratch your vehicle’s paintwork. An economical solution to protect your car against dust and dirt.

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