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Fitting & Services

Installation charges:

Most of the products that we sell we also offer a service to fit them to your vehicle. Depending on the item, time required, and the vehicle they are being fitted to the charge may vary. Some items, however, we set a standard installation charge or we install free of charge. It is important to note that some items that are listed as having free installation on our website are generally items that take less than 15 minutes to install, in some cases where items take longer than 15 minutes the standard charge of €25.00 per hour will apply charged at quarterly hour intervals at €6.25 per 15 minutes. Below is a list of our standard charges, if the item that you want fitted is not listed below then please call your nearest store or contact us for a quote stating your vehicle make and model as well as the item you would like installed.

Alloy wheels:

When purchasing a new set of alloy wheels from Falcar, if purchased with a set of 4 tyres as a package, the over all price of the combined wheel and tyres is discounted. Please contact us for a specific package price for your vehicle. It is important that you have information of the current tyre size on the car, for example 195/50/15 – which will be written on the wall of the tyre, so that we can quote the correct size when calculating a package for you. New bolts are installed as well as valves free of charge and there is no installation fee, irrespective of the time taken, for fitting the new wheels and tyres to your car.

Window tint:

Window tint installation for grey or black window tint in various shades is charged at €20.00 per glass and the price includes the tint as well as the time to install it. All windows are treated equally (i.e. front windows, quarter windows, and rear wind screens at €20.00 per glass). Any other colour tint is also charged at €20.00 per glass but in addition the tint has to be purchased separately and is not included in the installation charge. The same is true for a sun visor/strip, the charge is €20.00 installation plus the price of the chosen sun visor/strip.

Window tint regulations

Free installation items and exceptions:

The below items are installed for free if it takes less than 15 minutes for the installation and the items to be fitted are purchased from us:

Most bulbs.

Windscreen wipers.

Steering wheel covers.

Tax disc holders.

Car batteries.

Car alarm key fob batteries.

Currently the only exceptions to bulbs is the installation of HID replacement lighting kits where we charge a standard fitting fee of €25.00.  Also, in some cases where the installation takes more than 15 minutes, for example: changing dashboard lights, the fitting service will be charged at the standard rate of €25.00 per hour.

Universal seat covers:

The installation of universal fit seat covers is charged at €25.00. For tailor fit seat covers see below.

Tailored fit seat covers:

We pride ourselves on the exact and professional fit of our tailor made seat covers. They are designed specifically for each vehicle and are made solely at our textile department in Fgura. Because of the nature of these covers we recommend that you have them professionally installed by us and because every car is different the installation charge varies. If you would like a quote for your specific car you can either use the option on our site find your custom seat cover or contact us for details.

Tailored dash mats:

Our dash mats, also made solely at our Fgura textile department, are again vehicle specific, however, the preparation and installation of these is similar on each vehicle so we charge a set fee of €6.25.

Wind breakers:

Wind breakers are again vehicle specific, however, again, the preparation and installation of these is similar on each vehicle so we charge a set fee of €6.25 per pair.

Car audio:

Each amplifier, pair of speakers, or stereo head unit purchased at one of our stores is professionally installed for only €10.00. It is important to note, however, that when purchasing one of the above items an additional wiring kit, facia panel, or other fitting part designed to enhance the professional fitting of the item, may be required at an extra charge. For vehicle specific installations please contact us for details or a quote.

This is also true for a car aerial – we charge a set fee of €12.50 but additional wiring or fittings time may be required for your specific vehicle or for fitting non-manual type aerials.

Bluetooth hands free kits:

Some of our hands free kits require no installation. Installation on the kits that are integrated to the car speakers such as the blue smart pro or blue compact pro carry an installation charge of €25.00. In addition, if a steering interface is required the installation of the interface is separate at an additional charge of €25.00. Some non-European cars require an additional ISO cable also at a charge of €25.00.

Navigation Registration and Update:

There is no charge if you need our help to install your navigation unit to your car, however, we do offer a service to help you register the product with Garmin and run the first update for you.  This can be done y yourself but we offer the service for €10.00 and we would require the unit over night to run the update and register it.

Other items with a set fitting charge:

The below list is items we have a set fitting charge for, however, in some cases additional items may be required at an extra charge for a professional fit. This can be advised before any installation is attempted so as to give you the exact price before any work commences. In some very rare cases, when an installation has begun, something may become apparent to the technician doing the installation that was not noticeable until work began. In such a case the technician will advise you of what is required and any additional charges and you will be given the option whether or not to continue with the installation.

Interior neon tubes. €12.50 per tube.

Exterior neon tubes. €25.00 per tube.

Steering wheel. €25.00 (Hub usually required).

Handbrake cover. €12.50.

Gear Knob. €12.50.

Pedals. €12.50 set of 2 or 3 (not drill fit type).

Any item not mentioned above may also have a fitting charge, but not a specific charge. It will depend on the requirements of the specific item and the time taken. We will endeavor to quote you as accurately as possible when you enquire about installation on any of our products.

Some items on our website may not show an installation charge and may not say that installation is free.  This is due to one of two possibilities.

1. We do not fit the item.  For example some of the exhausts require welding and therfore would need to be fitted by a welder or exhaust specialist.

2. The item is part of another installation.  For example a stereo wiring harness will show no installation because the installtion is being charged for the stereo that is being fitted.