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Finding the Right Part or Size

Many of our products are universal fitting, they fit to most cars with little or no modification required, however, in some cases, a specific size or fitment is required.

Below is a list with links to products that require a specific size for fitment to your vehicle.  If you do not find your car listed for the product you are looking for then please call us or contact us by email for assistance.

Windscreen wipers:

Rally Carving wipers are a retro fit blade type wiper suitable for most cars and with adaptors to fit many different types of wiper arm fittings.

Rally Carving flat blade wipe application guide

Isotta wipers are made from stainless chrome with teflon coated rubbers and a double edged spoiler.  The patented design using these materials will last many times longer than a standard wiper and give your car a more individual look.

Isotta wiper application guide


Car covers:

Bogart car covers are a more specific fit and a higher grade material to our other car covers, for these reasons they are more durable, breathable, and fit more precisely.

Bogart California application guide


Steering hub assembly:

A sterring hub is required to fit any after market steering wheel to your car, There are two types in general:

RACIHUB10001 - This is all the hubs in the application guide NOT marked with a (*). They are priced at €58.99.

RACIHUB10002 - This is all the hubs in the application guide that ARE marked with a (*). They are priced at €69.99.

Steering hub application guide


Dashboard mats:

Our tailor-made dashboard mats are hand-made here in Malta.  If you can not find your vehicle listed we can still make you a dashmat.  Please call us or contact us by email for the price of a non-listed dashboard mat and details of the tailoring requirements.

Dashmat Order form/application guide


Tailor-made seat covers:

We do supply universal fit seat covers, however, we also make, here in Malta, tailor-made seat covers from a selection of colours in a fine alacantara material to specifically fit your car.  Again, as with the dashboard mat, if you do not find your car listed, contact us for a specific tailoring requirement.

Tailor-made Seat cover order form/application guide


Alloy wheel fitment:

Certain information about your car is required when fitting new alloys and tyres.  Below is a guide to the information that we need, however, if you supply us with your car make and manufactuer and the current size of your tyre (written on the tyre wall - something like 195/50/15) we can calculate the right fitting for you.

Alloy wheel fitment guide