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Pts410ex-Bti Front Parking Sensor X4   STEEPARK0002

Frnt Parking Sensor X4 Blk

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Product Description

Front parking assistant Steelmate with a new control unit, that allows you to adjust the sensitivity in 2 levels, and to adjust the delay off time. It Includes 4 sensors, buzzer with 2 switches to set the volume and acoustic tone. The system is designed for installation in the front bumper of the vehicle.

Parking assist system is an ultrasonic distance monitoring system. It electronically detects the area in front of your vehicle while parking, and alerts you with audible tones if the system detects an obstacle. The system will show the accurate distance in meters or feet (upgrade to LED/LCD display). This product is 4-sensor systems for front bumper protection. They can also work as 2-sensor systems. They are ideal for cars with front metal bars.

System Description:

  • sensors with fixed installation in the front bumper
  • fast detection of obstacles
  • acoustic (changing frequency beeping) notification of the obstacle position
  • if the obstacle is at a distance of 30 cm from the vehicle, it signalling by a continuous tone
  • buzzer with a switch for setting the volume and tone
  • volume in 3 levels
  • tone in 2 levels (high, low)
  • control unit with switches to set the sensitivity and delay time off
  • 2 sensitivity levels (high and low)
  • delay time for 8s or 20s after releasing the brake pedal
  • self test
  • cable length to the sensor 4.5 m
  • excellent coverage of the entire area behind the vehicle, horizontal scan angle of 110° ± 15°
  • angle washers in the package 0°, 4°, 10°
  • sensors core diameter 14 mm
  • sensors diameter 18.5 mm
  • sensors with 10 cm cable with waterproof connector which ensures easy replacement of the sensor, if necessary


  • parking sensors 4 pieces
  • angle washers
  • control unit
  • buzzer
  • cabling
  • drill
  • instruction