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Spray Motor Cleaner Auto 400Ml   MASTSPRA0197

Spray Motor Cleaner Auto Nc

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Product Description

Maston AUTOmix Motor Cleaner is a detergent and cleaner for petrol and diesel engines and for other metal and plastic car parts. It effectively removes grease, oil, road salt, bitumen and other loose dirt.

How to do it:

Protect moisture-sensitive parts such as the ignition distributor before washing. Wash the chosen part by spraying Maston AUTOmix Motor Cleaner onto it. Leave for 5-15 minutes, depending on how dirty the part is. Rinse dirt off with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Never spray onto a hot or warm part. Used regularly, Maston AUTOmix Motor Cleaner will lengthen the useful life of your engine.