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Microfibre Waffle Cloth 40X40cm   LAMPCLOT0003

Microfibre Waffle Cloth L0

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Product Description

Cleaning is much easier when you use our microfibre 300gsm cloths. They are 40cm x 40cm and are the perfect all-rounder. Microfibre is perfect for any car care enthusiast or professional, they have a vast range of uses including – removing wax/polish/sealants, for quick detailing, interior cleaning, glass cleaning and even drying your vehicle. 

Detailing Tips:

Fold your cloth in half, then half again, this gives you 8 panels of cloth to work with, therefore prolonging your use.

Our Microfibre cloths also have great uses around the home.

Microfibre Care

Microfibre cloths can be washed and reused. Wash with Non-Biological Soap and NO CONDITIONER/FABRIC SOFTENER as this then makes the cloth water repellent and removes its great absorption qualities.