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B4 Bike Carriers Towball   ARAGRACK0006

B4 Bike Carriers Towball Nc

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Product Description

Bicycle carrier TowCar B4 for 4 bikes that is installed in a few seconds on the coupling ball.

- Fixed to the hitch of the vehicle in seconds
- Valid for transporting up to 4 bicycles
- Includes fixing system with anti-theft head as standard and folding piloting plate
- Bicycles are fixed to the bike rack by safety straps
- Stands of wheels adaptable to the size of the bikes
- Empty bicycle weight: 15 kg
- Maximum load weight: 60 kg
- Folding dimensions: 100 x 97 x 17 cm
- The V20 plate is compulsory in the entire range of door rack and coupling ball carriers
- CE homologation
- 7-pole electrical connection
- It is not necessary to pass ITV
- By regulation of the DGT, it is obligatory to keep visible the outgoing load signaling plate V20